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 Sharp minds.


We love words. 



~ Copywriting. Copywriting for businesses includes any form of packaged business writing. 

Copywriting is writing for websites, descriptions, for blog articles, for anything that tells people something about what you do, really. We put words to what you say you need so that it sounds professional, and is long or short enough.  

You can tell us what 'tone' you want in the writing, so that if you want it to sound bold and funny, it can! 


~ Technical writing. Technical writers are people that write manuals, step-by-step guides, policy and procedures, and other stuff no one else wants to write. Technical writers can also be researchers. 

Technical writers are great because they can translate for engineers, accountants, lawyers, doctors and other complicated professions to make them sound easier to understand. They can write educational material, as well. 


~ Beautiful speeches for weddings. We're really happy to help people with putting words to their feelings for presenting at events. Talk to us about what you need and what you want to say. 


RATES: Flat rate is $165 (GST incl.) for 400 words for copy, blog articles and speeches. We can also do a package of blog articles to be published regularly, for instance one a week.

All writing includes one set of free revisions - that means we're happy to revise in case we've missed something the first time, so we can make sure we're both on the same page. 

Technical writing please contact to talk with the tech writer, because projects vary. 


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